Drinks Encyclopedia

As well as boasting one of the best wine lists in the area with over 100 to choose from, our bar is well stocked with beers, ciders, spirits and soft drinks.  We have a grand selection of gins to suit all tastes, a selection of rums that any seafaring merchant would be proud of and single malts that will warm your evening.  On top of that we blend a lot of them into one of the best cocktail lists in Dorset.

With over 100 to choose from, settle in with an old favourite or discover a new friend.

We have taken well known favourites, add some magic and put our unique spin on them.

Perfectly served gins, rums from across the world and a selection of whisky to warm any evening.

Bar List

Draught Beer & Cider

Amstel – 4.1%
Camden Hells – 4.6%
Brixton Reliance IPA – 5.2%
Meantime Anytime IPA – 4.7%
Cornish Orchards Gold – 4.6%

Bottled Beer & Cider

London Pride – 4.7%
Birra Moretti – 4.6%
Veddett Blonde – 5%
Peroni Gluten Free – 5.1%
Cornish Orchards Hedgerow (Apple, Blackberry & Sloe) – 4.0%
Cornish Orchards Blush (Apple & Raspberry) – 4.0%
Heineken 0% – 0.05%

Soft Drinks

Pepsi/Max/Diet Pepsi/Lemonade
Fever Tree Tonics
Fruit Juice
Ginger Beer
Elderflower Presse

House Spirits

Smirnoff Red £3.20
Grey Goose £3.80

Courvoisier £3.40
Remy Martin VSOP £5.00
Calvados £5.00

Disaronno Amaretto £3.20
Archers £3.20
Baileys £3.50
Malibu £3.20
Southern Comfort £3.20
Kahlua £3.20
Cointreau £3.30

Martini Extra Dry £3.30
Martini Bianco £3.30
Martini Rosso £3.30