Speciality Spirits

When it comes to spirits, we like to please.

We have a selection of gins that is hard to beat, dry, fruity, citrus or floral, there is something for the gin connoisseur.  What else would you want in a seafarers cellar but a fantastic selection of rum, we have rums from across the world, some well known and some quirky ones you will never have tried.  To top it off our whiskies have been selected for all tastes, from the highlands of Scotland, to Kentucky and Japan.


Our gins are served with the mixer that the distillers think best matches their product, we call it ‘The perfect serve’, served as a long drink and garnished appropriately. If you’d like a different mixer, on the side, let us know.


Big Smoke Dry  Gin – London (orange, lemon, hibiscus, juniper)                   Indian Tonic                             £4.00

Fort Gin – Portsmouth (juniper, lime, elderflowers, honey, coriander)             Indian Tonic                             £3.70

Mermaid Gin – Isle of Wight (samphire, juniper, liquorice, lemon zest)           Light Tonic                              £3.50

Sipsmith Dry Gin – London (sherbet, juniper, lemon, herbs)                         Elderflower Tonic                      £3.50



Conker Dry Gin – Dorset (gorse flower, samphire, elderberries)                    Elderflower Tonic                      £4.00

Plymouth Dry Gin – Devon (pepper, fennel, coriander, berry fruits)               Mediterranean Tonic                 £3.50

Hayman’s Old Tom – London (gingerbread, orris, black tea)                        Aromatic Tonic                         £3.60

Pothercary Gin – Dorset (lemon, lavender, mulberry, thyme)                         Indian Tonic                             £4.40



Big Smoke Sicillian Lemon – London (lemon, lime, lemongrass, pine)           Indian Tonic                             £4.20

Salcombe Rose Saint Marie – Devon (lavender, rose, pepper, citrus)              Indian Tonic                             £4.20

Silent Pool Rare Citrus – Surrey (orange, lemon, pepper, pine)                     Indian Tonic                             £4.20

Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla – Scotland (orange, vanilla, allspice)                    Aromatic Tonic                         £3.50

Winchester Dry Gin – Hampshire (alpine herbs, apple, rose, coriander)          Mediterranean Tonic                 £4.20


Ginger & Spice:                                                           

Ophir Gin – London (coriander, pepper, citrus, black pepper)                        Ginger Ale                                £3.60

That Boutique-y Roasted Pineapple – Kent (honey, pineapple, caramel)        Indian Tonic                             £3.50

Roku Gin – Japan (orange, cinnamon, coriander, yuzu, sencha tea)                Indian Tonic                             £3.60



Monkey 47 – Germany (citrus, pine, wood, herbs, spice)                                Mediterranean Tonic                 £4.00

Zing 72 – France (juniper, Provencal herbs, spice)                                       Indian Tonic                             £3.70



Tarquins Rhubarb & Raspberry – Cornwall (red berries, cinnamon, violet)   Ginger Ale                                £4.00

Chase Sloe & Mulberry Gin – Herefordshire (cherry, almond, blackcurrant)  Bitter Lemon                            £4.00

Tarquin’s Blackberry – Cornwall (honey, red fruit, orange, pine)                   Lemonade                                 £4.00

Mermaid Pink – Isle of Wight (strawberry, lemon, samphire, liquorice)          Elderflower Tonic                      £3.50



Cotswolds No:1 Wildflower – Warwickshire (pepper, lavender, orange)         Indian Tonic                             £4.00

Silent Pool – Surrey (elderflower, chamomile, honey, pepper)                         Elderflower Tonic                      £4.20

Twisted Nose – Hampshire (grapefruit, fennel, lavender, herbs, pepper)           Elderflower Tonic                      £4.20


With a glance towards Poole, and our host’s maritime history, we have put together an eclectic mix of rum from all around the world. Dark, white, spiced or flavoured, there is something for everybody’s taste.


Chairmans Reserve – St Lucia (apple, nutmeg, allspice, vanilla, Demerara sugar)                                         £3.50

El Dorado 8 y/o – Guyana (toffee, vanilla, spices, oak, smoke)                                                                    £4.10

Duppy Share – Blended Aged Caribbean (cinnamon, sultana, raisin, vanilla, caramel)                                     £3.70

Ron Zacapa Solera 23 – Guatemala (honey, dark brown sugar, molasses, smoke)                                           £5.20

Mount Gay XO – Barbados (clove, orange, cocoa, lychee, salted caramel)                                                      £6.20

Blackwell ‘Black Gold’ – Jamaica (mocha, oak, caramel, spice)                                                                  £3.60

Watsons Demerara – Guyana (spice, molasses, butter)                                                                               £3.80

Pussers Gunpowder – Blended Caribbean (dried fruits, dates, prunes, figs)                                                   £3.80

Diplomatico Reserva – Venezuela (cocoa, vanilla, brandy, plums, pepper)                                                    £5.00

Copeland Smugglers Reserve Overproof – Ireland (chocolate, spices, honey, orange, oak, vanilla)                 £4.70

Don Papa – The Philippines (vanilla, cinnamon, raisin, sultana, marmalade)                                                 £3.80



Chairmans Reserve Blanco – St Lucia (lime zest, raisin, boiled sweets)                                                       £3.50

Havana Club Añejo – Cuba (lemon, lime, vanilla, oak, allspice, ginger)                                                      £3.60

Wray & Nephew Overproof – Jamaica (molasses, spice, banana, oak)                                                        £4.50



Chairmans Reserve Spiced – St Lucia (orange, ginger, cinnamon, anise, vanilla, caramel)                            £3.50

Rumbullion – England (marmalade, cardamom, vanilla, honey, toffee)                                                        £4.50

Dark Matter – Scotland (molasses, pepper, ginger, green peppercorns, allspice)                                                £3.90

Kraken – Caribbean (vanilla, toffee apple, cinnamon, golden syrup, nutmeg)                                                   £3.50

Balla Black – Bajan (cardamom, brown sugar, nutmeg, raisins, roasted pineapple)                                           £3.60



Jaffa Cake Rum – England (orange, chocolate, vanilla, tropical fruit)                                                           £3.80

Plantation ‘Stiggins Fancy’ Pineapple – Caribbean (pineapple, ginger, molasses, cassia bark)                         £5.20

Project 173 Black Cherry – England (cherry, brown sugar, marzipan, spices)                                              £4.00

Project 173 Chocolate – England (mocha, chocolate, honey, dates)                                                              £4.00

Project 173 Butterscotch – England (butterscotch, toffee, cocoa, honey, brown sugar)                                     £4.00

Bumbu Banana – Bajan (banana, caramel, oak, allspice, chocolate)                                                              £4.20

Jamaica Cove Coffee – Jamaica (chocolate, coffee bean, cocoa, honey)                                                           £3.80



The Famous Grouse – Scotland (toffee, barley, caramel, smoke)                                                                 £3.20

Nikka From The Barrel – Japan (oak, spices, toffee, caramel, vanilla)                                                         £5.00



Jack Daniels – Tennessee (spice, caramel, banana, smoke)                                                                           £3.50

Bulliet – Kentucky (spices, orange, oak, vanilla, tobacco)                                                                              £4.10


Single Malt:

Glenkinchie 12 y/o – Lowlands (barley, almonds, honey, apple, stewed fruits)                                                £5.00

The Dalmore 12 y/o – Highland (marmalade, spices, fruitcake, cocoa)                                                         £5.50

Balvenie ‘Doublewood’ 12y/o – Speyside (vanilla, peat, dried fruit, nutmeg, cinnamon)                                £5.00

Lagavulin 16y/o – Islay (malt, sherry, smoke, peat, oak, vanilla)                                                                 £8.50

Laphroaig 10y/o – Islay (seaweed, oak, spices, liquorice, smoke)                                                                   £4.80

Dalwhinnie 15y/o – Highland (toffee, custard, honey, walnut, vanilla, smoke, spice)                                        £4.60

Jura 10y/o – Island (barley, peaches, spice, vanilla, chocolate, raisin)                                                              £4.50

The Macallan ‘Gold’ – Speyside (vanilla, chocolate, citrus, ginger, cinnamon, oak, apple)                                £6.00

Ardbeg 10y/o – Islay (vanilla, peat, citrus, smoke, salted caramel)                                                                £5.00