We have created a cocktail list that blends some spins on old favourites & some modern classics.  Whatever your tipple, we have something to delight.

Rum Cocktails

PLANTERS PUNCH (Watson’s Demerara, lime, sugar syrup, bitters, water)                                                    £8.00

A simple mixture of rum, citrus, sugar and spice, this classic has been quenching thirsts since the late 1800’s.


GINGER SEA DOG (Pussers Gunpowder, ginger beer, bitters)                                                                        £8.00

Spat out by the seas where rum and sailors are plentiful.  Gunpowder rum and ginger make this hearty drink

from the tropics.


EL PRESIDENTE (Havana Blanco, vermouths, orange curacao, grenadine)                                                        £8.50

Born in Cuba, the El Presidente is a blend of white rum, vermouth, orange liqueur finished with a sweet

kick of grenadine.  Hail to the chief!


OLD FASHIONED (Smugglers Reserve overproof, sugar syrup, bitters)                                                             £12.50

Made with overproof rum, this cocktail is still made the ‘old fashioned’ way. Stirred for 10 minutes

to combine the ingredients fully. Price includes a half pint of draught to drink while you wait


HURRICANE (Chairmans Reserve dark, Passoa, orange juice, grenadine, lime)                                                    £8.50

A sweet and fruity concoction from prohibition era New Orleans.  A hint of passionfruit compliments the

Chairmans Reserve rum perfectly.


ZOMBIE (Balla Black, Chairman’s Reserve Blanco, pineapple, grenadine, lime)                                                      £9.00

A Tiki classic!  White and dark rums, mixed with fruit juices and grenadine.


MAI TAI (Watson’s Demerara, Plantation Pineapple, orange curacao, almond syrup, lime)                                        £9.00

Sweet demerara rum & roasted pineapple rum are blended with orange liqueur, almond syrup and

lime juice to add our unique touch to this tiki torchbearer!


MOCHATINI (Jamaica Cove Coffee, Project 173 Chocolate, espresso, sugar syrup)                                                  £9.00

Chocolate and coffee collide in this espresso martini that’s far too easy to drink!


RUMSHACK RUM PUNCH (Blackwell, Wray & Nephew, peach schnapps, pineapple, grenadine, lime)                 £9.00

A recipe from the taverns of Port Royal.  Two rums, peach schnapps, pineapple, lime and grenadine mix

to bring you a taste of the Caribbean.


JAFFA CAKE DAIQUIRI (Jaffa Cake Rum, lime, sugar syrup)                                                                   £8.00

Is it a biscuit, or a cake? This one is neither, but chocolate, orange, and rum…what more could you ask for?!

Gin Cocktails

FRENCH 75 (Plymouth gin, lemon, sugar syrup, champagne)                                                                           £8.00

A touch of class from the boulevards of Paris.  Dry gin & lemon juice topped with champagne


ORIENTAL SUNRISE (Opihr gin, mango juice, ginger beer)                                                                        £8.00

Spicy, fruity & fizzy. A refreshing taste of the orient.


SOUTHSIDE (Plymouth gin, lime, sugar syrup, mint)                                                                                   £8.50

A favourite of the Chicago Southside Gang, this Windy City blend of gin, mint, and lime is an

offer you can’t refuse!


PINK GIN MARTINI (Greenall’s mixed berry, dry vermouth)                                                                       £8.00

The use of mixed berry gin in this classic dry martini recipe lifts the drink to a whole new level.


BEE’S KNEES (Beefeater, honey syrup, lemon)                                                                                             £8.00

Straight from the upper-class parties of Paris, a sweeter, richer version of the old gin sour.


BRAMBLE (Beefeater, blackberry liqueur, lemon, sugar syrup)                                                                         £8.00

A refreshing cocktail containing gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and crème de Mûre. It is an

elegant modern-classic cocktail.


FLORAL FIZZ (Cotswold wild flower, lemon, sugar syrup, soda water)                                                              £8.50

A spin on Lawton Mackall’s classic, the use of Cotswold Wild Flower gin gives this gin sling a

taste of summer meadows, with a burst of zesty orange.


SLOEGRONI (Beefeater, Gordons sloe, Campari, vermouth)                                                                            £8.00

A rich & fruity twist on a Negroni.

Whisky Cocktails

LONDON SOUR (Laphroaig, orange, lemon, sugar syrup, orgeat syrup)                                                            £8.50

Smoky, like the streets of the mighty capital.  Scotch whisky, orange juice, orgeat syrup

and a dash of fresh lemon juice.


BLOOD & SAND (Glenfiddich, cherry brandy, sweet vermouth, orange)                                                            £8.50  

A British drink inspired by the bullfighters of Barcelona. Whisky, vermouth, cherry liqueur

and orange juice are blended into a sweet and smoky drink whose colour is reminiscent of the

arena following the Matador’s victory…or loss.


ELDERFLOWER MANHATTAN (Bulleitt, St Germain, dry vermouth, Bitters)                                          £8.50

A floral spin on a New York classic. Bourbon whisky, elderflower liqueur and dry vermouth

finished with a dash of bitters.

Other Cocktails

ESPRESSO MARTINI (Smirnoff, Kahlua, espresso, sugar syrup)                                                                    £8.00

Straight from the capital… The classic ‘Pharmaceutical Stimulant’ sees vodka shaken together with

Kahlua & fresh espresso to give you a drink with a kick.


BLACK PEARL (Smirnoff, bitters, sugar syrup, blackberries)                                                                           £8.00

Black as a pirate’s heart.  Blackberries are muddled and shaken with vodka and bitters.


COLONIAL ICED TEA (Beefeater London Dry, Smirnoff, Cointreau, Earl Grey syrup, lemon)                           £8.00

A spin on a classic from the highlands of Sri Lanka. Vodka, dry gin, Cointreau, and Earl Grey

syrup topped with lemonade.


PEACH & ORANGE COSMOPOLITAN (Smirnoff, Cointreau, peach, cranberry, lime)                               £8.00  

The sweet fruits of sunny California are mixed into this staple cocktail to provide a fresh flavour

to an old favourite.  Peach & orange blossom vodka, blended with Grand Marnier & cranberry

juice and finished with peach puree & lime juice

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