Merchant's Cellar Menu

Our menu is designed to be enjoyed with friends.  Take your time and savour our selection of artisan cheeses, fine charcuterie, local seafood and freshly baked bread.  This menu is a sample of what we offer and may change from time to time.

Small Plates

Poole Bay Oysters (each)

You can’t get more local than these.  Enjoy our Poole Bay oysters as you’d like, lemon juice of a splash of Tabasco are the favourites.

£ 2.00

Pate & Crusty Bread

A choice of wild boar or mushroom pate served with chutney and crusty baguette.  (v) (gf available)

£ 5.00

Pork Pie

Hand made pork pie served with house salad and piccalilli

£ 5.50

Smoked Salmon or Smoked Halibut

served with house salad, pickles, lemon & sourdough.

£ 7.00

Warm Baked Camembert

Freshly baked whole camembert, studded with garlic & rosemary with crusty baguette (gf available)

£ 9.00


Wild Boar Meatballs

in marinara sauce.

£ 6.00

Patatas Bravas

diced potatoes, roasted & served in a tomato & garlic sauce  (v) (vg) (gf) 

£ 5.00

Patatas Con Queso

diced potatoes, roasted & served in a cheese sauce. (v)

£ 5.00

Garlic Prawns

king prawns cooked in garlic butter (gf)

£ 7.00

Honey Roasted Chorizo

mini chorizos, onions and bell peppers, glazed in honey.

£ 7.00

Korean Belly Pork

slow cooked belly pork bite in a homemade Korean glaze.

£ 7.00

Basket of Bread

fresh baked sourdough, with salted butter. (gf available)

£ 2.50

Stuffed Peppers

sweet peppers, stuffed with ricotta cheese. (v)

£ 4.50


Anchovy fillets in olive oil & garlic.

£ 3.50

Grilled Artichokes

chargrilled artichokes in olive oil with garlic, red pepper & thyme. (v) (vg)

£ 3.50


chickpea hummus, topped with olive oil & a dusting of paprika. (v) (vg)

£ 3.00

House Olives

mixed olives in oil. (v) (vg)

£ 3.00

Deli Boards

Deli Board

The choice is yours, select what you’d like from our list of cheeses, meats & seafood and we will create a board for you.

All served with freshly baked sourdough, salad, pickles and house chutney.

From £ 7.00

The Merchant's Choice

Vegan Board

vegan cheeses, hummus, olives & marinated peppers (v) (vg)

For one: £ 8.50

For two: £16.00

Fisherman's Platter (for 2)

smoked salmon, smoked halibut, smoked mackerel, Poole Bay oysters & prawns.


Banquet Board (for 4-6)

8 cheeses, 8 meats, baked camembert, pork pie, pate, grilled artichokes, hummus, mixed olives, stuffed peppers, chargrilled peppers, pickles, salad, chutneys & freshly baked sourdough.



Decadent Chocolate Truffle

Belgian chocolate truffle made in a Chantilly Patisserie style. A soft, white chocolate centre & hints of coffee, Tia Maria & whisky.

£ 5.00

Vanilla Cheesecake

Honey, granola cookie & oat biscuit base holding baked vanilla cheesecake. (gf)

£ 5.00

Passionfruit Mousse

A sponge base topped with layers of sweet raspberry jam, passionfruit glaze & passionfruit mousse.

£ 5.00

Glazed vanilla crème brulee

A true classic, served with lavender shortbread.

£ 5.00

Our Produce

Have a look at the host of artisan cheeses and charcuterie that we stock.  If you like what you have tried then we also sell out produce straight from our deli counter to take home with you.


Booking is just a click away. For tables of more than six, please contact us directly on 01202 677785